Since 2018 I hold Master’s degrees in both Biology (Microbial Biotechnology and Health) and Statistical Science (for the Life and Behavioural Sciences), obtained at Leiden University in the Netherlands. My particular interest to explore the awesome potential of computational and statistical solutions in combination with experimental, fundamental microbiology brought me to the Veening Lab, which I joined as a PhD candidate in January 2019. 

My aim is to reveal the workings of vital molecular processes in the pneumococcus by bridging the knowledge and methods of both disciplines I was educated in. I use systems and synthetic biology approaches in a high-throughput fashion to study such mechanisms all the way from the genetic to phenotypic level, developing tools for automated analyses and bio-informative modelling in R in parallel. In turn, the ultimate objective is to identify key players in such processes as new potential therapeutic targets: understand the fundaments to be able to treat. This is especially important in the light of the tremendous public health threat posed by the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance, to which the pathogenic pneumococcus is a major contributor. Currently I am working on a JPIAMR funded project to achieve these goals for the pneumococcal biofilm formation machinery using e.g. CRISPR interference.

Outside the lab I enjoy playing either in- or outdoor football, reading, films, (stand-up) comedy, being outside and going for coffee and beer (not at the same time) with friends. 

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